Friday, December 15, 2017

The makers of Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment, is working with EA to come out with a new Star Wars game.

According to, it will be a third person shooter but that is all that has been released. For those that have been following games for a while, this might sound familiar. To paraphrase Star Wars, “A long time ago at a gaming studio far, far away” LucasArts announced a third person shooter to be set in the Star Wars universe. It was simply called Star Wars 1313. was correct in saying “Everyone’s thoughts should immediately jump to Star Wars 1313.” They are also correct in saying this won’t happen.

Why? Back when Disney first took over the Star Wars Empire (pun intended) the first thing they did, much to the chagrin of Star Wars fans, was that it started cutting things off. The Star Wars canon was reset so it could coincide with the movies supposedly, and gaming and licensing were cut back. LucasArts would no longer make games but it would stay around to handle licensing. With the end of LucasArts came the end of Star Wars 1313. It was quite a shock to Star Wars and gaming fans. There had been conceptual drawings released and a teaser of what it would have looked like. Everyone was excited and then to quote Obi-Wan Kenobi “It was as if a million voices cried out in pain and were suddenly silenced.” Things didn’t start off on good terms with Star Wars fans and Disney.

But I digress. Just for fun, let’s play Devil’s advocate and see what would have to happen to bring back Star Wars 1313. Well, to begin with anything Star Wars is owned by Disney. So they would have to decide they want to bring it back. That is a possibility. Then again they might not want to sink millions into a game.

Next, since this untitled game is being done under EA, they would have to talk to Disney about this. This is a very good possibility since EA and Disney seem to have a good working relationship. (See almost any new Star Wars game)

Now the most important part, does LucasArts even have the data still for Star Wars 1313? That is another toss up. Companies have been known to get rid of data files for canceled projects so they can’t be stolen and used elsewhere. On the other hand, some companies hold on to files so they can use them on other projects. Supposedly Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch used files from its secret game Titan, which was never finished due to it being over ambitious.

So logically speaking, no. Respawn Entertainments Star Wars game will NOT be Star Wars 1313. Then again, if the stars line up just right … Here is to hope. I guess you might even say “A New Hope”?

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