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‘Tis the Season for Giveaways on DMC!

This month, DarkMediaCity is hosting not one, but four incredible giveaways — in cooperation with a few of our very favorite people. First, award winning author V.M.K. Fewings has generously donated ten signed copies of her latest novel in The Stone Masters [...]


“You can’t set the sun. You have no control over it. That’s basically what it feels like we’re doing. We’re trying to make a career out of our music and it feels like we’re trying to accomplish the impossible.” -Willpowerless

DarkMedia Interviews Jordan Panfil of Willpowerless: With all the controversy in the music industry today surrounding technology like Auto-Tune and other music enhancing software, a band like Willpowerless is a welcome sight.  Not only does their talent hold up during [...]

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When the Truth Is All That Matters The truth begins with a family evacuated from Saigon during the final days of the Viet Nam War. Or perhaps it begins later, with a devoutly Catholic child with the voice of an [...]

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“…that´s what we strive for–to get out on the road, to do gigs in front of big audiences, feel the energy, hear how people sing/scream along with the lyrics!” -Godsic

DarkMedia Interviews Rick Dahlberg of Godsic: With their debut album, “As the Heavens Burn”, due out in a few months, Swedish death metal band Godsic is already making waves.  Not often does a band come along with such a strong [...]

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Once Upon a Time Recap: “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter”

by Tracy Ladd: Once Upon a Time Recap: “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter” Original Air Date (ABC): Sunday December 11, 2011 Season 1 Episode 7 A couple of things that I’ve been speculating on came to fruition with this latest [...]

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“Reverb, Tremolo, Cigarettes.” -The Bookhouse Boys

DarkMedia Interviews The Bookhouse Boys: Named after the secret society of vigilantes from David Lynch’s iconic psychological thrill-ride, Twin Peaks, The Bookhouse Boys truly does justice to the depth, mystery and unique nature of their namesake.  Their rich, sensual style [...]

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Anne Michaud Bares Her Neck

by Alex Mcdermott: Anne Michaud is an author of many talents, especially getting distracted by depressing music and dark things. She likes to write and read everyday, and speak of herself in the third person.  Since her Master’s degree in [...]

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Once Upon a Time Recap: “The Shepherd”

by Tracy Ladd: Once Upon a Time Recap: “The Shepherd” Original Air Date (ABC): Sunday December 4, 2011 Season 1 Episode 6 This week we finally learn Charming/James/David’s back story.  Come to find out he’s not who we thought he was.  [...]

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