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Fear the Walking Dead Recap S2E10: Do Not Disturb

Fear the Walking Dead returns with “Do Not Disturb” which offers a look at what happened with Travis and Chris.

The hotel resort staff looks on as a wedding takes place at the hotel. The happy couple is waltzing in front of their guests, talking of love and vows and forever. The bride’s parents don’t seem happy and when the hotel manager asks what’s wrong, the mother says that the virus is spreading and the borders might be closed. The bride’s father collapses but no one is answering emergency calls. He dies, and he is quickly reborn as a member of the undead. He bites the bride and groom, and the hotel staff runs out and locks the wedding party inside to keep them from getting out.

Of all the flashbacks, this one is the most telling. It shows us what was happening right before things went very wrong. And the hotel staff locked an entire wedding party into a room to keep them from spreading the virus to themselves and other guests.

Travis is limping along. Chris is worried about his father and he urges his father to take a break, but Travis wants to find shelter for the night.  Chris spots a restaurant and wants o get supplies but Travis wants him to stay while he hot wires a car. Chris promises to behave on this little mission, and after Travis begrudgingly agrees, off he goes, armed with a tire iron. Inside he hears voices, but the infected interrupt him. He kills one of them, and then a man walks out and is immediately attacked. Chris saves the man but runs off. Travis has the car started and they drive away. When night falls, Chris checks the radio but it is dead air. Travis wants to get as far away as possible, but he decides that it’s time for Chris to learn to drive now that there’s no traffic. They drive along after sharing a bonding moment.

Alicia watches the dead passing in the hallway and keeps count of them as they pass. She prepares herself for battle with her trusty switchblade, but just as she’s about to open the door she checks again and sees one of the infected in front of the peephole. She needs another moment.  He drives along while Travis checks on his bloodied and raw feet. Chris apologizes for running off, given that his actions led to Travis getting hurt. An infected man is limping along the road and Chris swerves to avoid him. Travis says that he has to believe that someone is out there trying to fix this situation, but Chris isn’t so sure.

The car runs out of gas and so they abandon the car and build a fire. Travis recalls camping at Big Bear, and Chris reminds him that his mom hated it. They ponder whether it’s safer in the mountains, where you can fish and hunt. Chris wants to know what their plan is. Travis figures that finding a house with a view would be good, with a well for water.  He knows that water will be the key in this apocalypse, and that will cause battles. They need to find some that they can call their own. Chris wants to know what happens after that. “We start over,” Travis says.

Chris sees a light on the road. It’s the group from the diner, and they comment that Chris kicked some ass back there. The leader introduces himself as Brandon, and he’s joined by Derek and Baby James.

Alicia is still in her room but she slowly ventures out into the hallway, which is empty on one end and full of infected on the other. She calls for Ofelia as she runs, but she gets trapped by infected so she pries open the doors to the elevator and jumps onto the cables. How is that even possible? Suddenly a light shines from above. It’s Elena, the hotel manager, and she helps Alicia to safety. As soon as she’s on solid ground again, Elena pins her to the wall with an axe and asks where “he” is. This just isn’t Alicia’s day.

Brandon and company set up a perimeter at their camp. Travis and Chris as the first Americans they’ve come across. They explain that they were camping when this hit, and they’re trying to get home to San Diego. Travis explains that San Diego is gone, and that the military destroyed everything. Brandon says that “we’ll come back” because “we always do.” Brandon is impressed with Chris’s ability to kill. He says he’s killed seventeen people. They offer to take Travis with them, but he wants to stay put and try to survive there.

Elena wants to know why Alicia let the dead out, but Elena wants to know where Hector is. Hector is her nephew who went to find food but never came back. She has been able to control the hotel by locking the dead in the stairwells. Elena says there are about twelve guests still alive in the hotel, but there are groups always trying to take over. Alicia promises that if they can reunite with Strand and her mother, there will be strength in numbers.

Travis accepts Brandon’s medical supplies, but he doesn’t want to go with them. Chris wants to go home with them, reminding Travis that he was the one who said that they’d rebuild. Chris realizes that Travis wants to stay because of Madison, but Chris doesn’t think that Madison will get over what happened. Chris likes that Brandon is dangerous because that’s what it takes now.

The next day, Elena opens the hall and Alicia lures the dead into one of the rooms. Alicia has to kill the maid before going to the balcony and locking herself outside. Elena tosses a sheet to her and she edges herself across the ledge to the next room. Elena says she hasn’t left the tower since the whole thing began, and she wonders if Alicia’s mother would want her to risk her life to save her. “My mother would die for me,” Alicia says.

Elena returns to the site of the wedding and sees the aftermath. She tells Alicia that the father had a heart attack and died on the dance floor, and that he attacked his daughter. She “contained” the situation by locking the door. She did what she had to do to protect the other hotel guests. She admits that she locked them in, and clearly it was an upsetting thing for her. Hector fled with her, but there was no one there to save them. Alicia promises that there have been worse things going on, and she pledges her support and help to Elena.

Travis watches as Chris sits in the truck’s cab listening to Derek and Baby James talk about girls they’ve been with. Brandon asks why Travis isn’t having fun. This is better than living, with no money or bills or speed limits. “The end times made us gods,” he says. Chris spots a farm on the hill and suggests that they stop for supplies. The cabin is empty but Baby James finds a well in the back. Travis wants to stay here, but Chris wants to go on with his new friends. Chris believes that they need a group and people to survive. He doesn’t want to go back to Madison. Chris goes off with the other guys to check inside the barn, where they find a bunch of chickens, and they close the door and race around to catch them. Travis finds a makeshift cemetery for the children who used to live there.

Alicia finds a door that has been barricaded shut, so she pulls at the barricade and starts yelling for her mom. That alerts the other guests, who have Hector and want the keys. Madison and strand aren’t with them, so Elena tells Alicia that her mom is gone. The main guest is the groom who had been locked away to die, and he’s joined by the bride’s mom. Alicia lets the infected into the room and she and Elena rush out. They come to the bar where Alicia finds someone who looks like Madison, only she is dead. Alicia drives a knife into her head and they run off.

The farmer who lives in the house comes to the barn with his shotgun, but Brandon and company don’t want to leave. Chris sides with them. When Baby James kills one of the chickens, the farmer fires at him and hits him in the leg. Baby James falls to the ground, and Chris takes the gun and shoots the farmer, much to the amazement of Brandon and Derek. Travis watches the farmer die, and he refuses to look at his son.

Things are starting to get exciting on Fear the Walking Dead, and it looks like things are getting hotter every week. Are you watching? What do you think so far?

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